Community Living from the Abundance Principle
Normal Living Together on Earth

Normal Living Together on Earth in communion with Mother Nature
Normal Living Together on Earth in communion with Mother Nature

Normal Living Together on Earth
Back in early 2009 I envisioned a community. I felt I wanted to create a local community in a little village called Nieuweroord (Newer Place translated in English). I wanted to co-create a place where people could find everything from conception to death in one place.

Then I realized... that ALL is here already... the only thing we need to do is to connect them differently.

So then I started to envision a global free community... a normal living together on Earth. A 'New' Earth which is the Original Earth. We live in the Natural World in which all are supported. Poverty and other societal issues are of an old, deconstructing, constructed paradigm, which is dying. We ARE the bridge to the 'New', the Original, Natural World in which All Are Invited. No one is excluded, nor left behind. All Are Included in the Organic World. The 'New' Earth is already here.

We do not create poverty and the current problems anymore: our money is already transformed in Existence Money. We Accept the Child’s Existence (Money). Make the inner choice to live together with every Child. Via Equi Place you see what is left out in our living together still. I invite you to embed the Next Generations

The Game continues...
In the column 'The Game continues... or not?' I put forward that the current Game has ended. We may start to play a new Game based on our own wisdom. To allow each other to exist in Freedom and without burdens… Recognition of your Self, each other, the greater whole can/may become the Source (experience).

From this recognition I long to express my deepest Heart’s desire, my Heart’s Dream…

My deepest Heart’s desire, my Heart’s Dream
It is my deepest Heart’s desire, my Heart’s dream, with others who also long for this from their Source Essence, to manifest a physical place on earth (I mean this in a grand manner as in global: we are all connected) where harmony and balance exists between Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, where we live together in peace, where illusionary and external appearances and masks are more and more able to dissolve, where we stand in our nakedness and purity and there are no more secrets, where openness, clarity and transparency are being lived, where everyone stands in his / her own power and lives his / her own Heart’s Dream, where resources are evenly distributed, where we play together in Freedom, Joy, and Unconditional Love in Togetherness and Unity…

I feel a new challenge in the co-creation of the ‘new living together’, a way of living together in which my Heart's desire can be realized. Where people live together on basis of the Abundance Principle, and use a pure means of exchange, freely available of course (no taxation and no interest involved), connected with the Earth and Her wonderful nature. I heartily welcome to step into the Circle of the Abundance Principle anyone who feels from the Abundance principle this inner impulse to co-create.

The circle is complete...

For my own physical place I see a living and working space in a rural area surrounded by nature, water in the immediate area, where you get to meet the rabbits and hares in the wild, a place with a large sunny garden with space for a vegetable garden, a place that invites to rest and tranquility, a place that invites to surrender and letting go, a place where the Love is palpable...

In short, a place that totally fits me. A place that supports creativity and healing, a place that brings ecstasy and fulfillment. A home for me and where also those who I offer guidance can feel at home.

From within myself I have set the transition in motion in my own life, in my own Circle(s). From within myself I’d like to establish connections with a hospice, an organic farmer who produces bio-electricity and bio-gas from corn; a farmer who sells his vegetables and potatoes of the season, and eggs, from a stall along the road; a biological food shop; (internet) companies that offer fruit and vegetable subscriptions, real estates, hairdressers; beauticians; in short: I invite into the Circle of the Abundance Principle all organizations that feel within themselves the inner impulse to co-creation.

My own physical place I will expand into a Circle of Life Arts: I AM the Circle; I AM The Beholder of a totally New Space for the Next Generations (this text can be understood from the Abundance Principle). Because this is a creative process, it is also an ongoing process.

To make transparently available
I would be great if the realization of the manifestation into a new reality would become transparently available. Like this a new option that has been lived becomes available to all, globally. Where the inner impulse already is alive (in countries, cities, towns, residential communities, organizations, persons, etc.), perhaps still unconsciously, the transformation into the ‘new living together’ will automatically take place. Because the newly lived experience of the ‘new living together’ can be adopted.

A challenge for the new media: to show the world in complete freedom and in transparency what society would like to make happen.

Journalists that would like to follow this creative, on-going process in transparency to send it out into the world, I invite to contact me.

Do you recognize yourself in the person who out of a new consciousness and an inner impulse, from the Source of the Abundance Principle, would like to participate in above mentioned co-creation? Are you the person that can and dares look beyond current (transformation) models, so that you can make substantially new options available and make above mentioned transition happen for 'New' Existence Money (which is here on Earth but in a suppressed state)?

Then please feel heartily welcome to contact me.

Furthermore I invite everybody to make his or her talents (partially) available for Equi. It would be so wonderful to read on more and more websites that products, services, activities, events, etc. are (partially) offered for a freely available means of Exchange.

If you want to Embed the Transition, feel heartily welcome to contact me.

The inner impulse for the transition is in each of us
From within the Abundance Principle we realize that the inner impulse for the above transition lays (dormant) waiting in all of us. Also within the organizations that carry the core of patriarchy (taxing each other) within themselves. Exactly here the people encounter the limitations and restrictions in their daily work. Exactly here people get stuck. Exactly here people get sick and then finally i.e. end up on welfare. They can no longer maintain themselves (can you feel the suction and limitation of energy in these words?) in the encumbering system.

The deep realization of what has been written here is comprehensibly made available via my blogs.

The 'new living together'... letting each other be uncharged (untaxed) in Freedom and Power.

The Way of The co-creator

Verdieping vanuit Vrij en Onbelast(end) samenleven is vrijelijk beschikbaar gesteld via teksten op mijn website'.

Je kunt jouw keuze om vanuit Vrij en Onbelast(end) samenleven gewoon helemaal zelf maken. Daar heb je geen ondersteuning bij nodig. Als je behoefte hebt aan iemand die met je meekijkt in wat er allemaal gaat omvallen in jouw leven zodra je voor Vrij en Onbelast(end) samenleven kiest, dan ben ik beschikbaar voor je.

Via mijn blogs geef ik je zicht op de eenvoud en vreugde van samen leven vanuit gedeelde levenstoegang. Ook laat ik je zien wat velen nu doen en denken vanuit de verwarde en verstrikte psyche in plaats van levenstoegang in gedeelde staat te laten. Hierdoor krijg jij handvatten aangereikt, waardoor je meer en meer het onderscheid in jezelf gaat (h)erkennen in wat samen leven vanuit levenstoegang is en wat niet. Je bent van harte welkom te reageren op de teksten van mijn blog nadat je je hiervoor aangemeld hebt. Ik wens je veel leesplezier en inspiratie van de teksten op mijn blog. Daarnaast heb ik de The New Earth Life Academy from the New Paradigm ontwikkeld en vrijelijk beschikbaar gesteld als homeschooling.

Mijn YouTube kanaal waar ik verschillende playlists toon, waaronder Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) en Transformational Breathing

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