Living the 'New Earth references'

Protection is IN our living togetherness
Protection is IN our living togetherness

No being should ever have to learn about themselves through self-harm and self-torture. As creator beings, we love ourselves, and we would never agree to self-sacrifice in the name of inner growth

We are not meant to 'learn' and 'evolve' through pain... We are natural beautiful...

I am not meant to 'learn' and 'evolve' through pain... and I will not put myself through this kind of experience never ever again within the wheel of dualism! I am natural beautiful and I am meant to 'learn' and 'evolve' through joy and playfulness...

And I protect my 'normal living togetherness'. I live the 'New Earth references' for years ALREADY...

The 'New Earth' (within you) does not know (self-)harm, (self-)torture, (self-)abuse, (self-)sacrifice, poverty, envy, distrust, divide and rule, competition, name-calling and labeling, story-telling about each other, social fear (relating to your existence).

Not because those emotions are 'overcome', but because there is no reason for them... On the 'New Earth' you RECEIVE the experience of abundance, equality and a deep feeling of being 'enough' who you already are, trust, oneness, co-creation, free life flow...

The profound meaning of 'each other' and 'I-in-We' (beyond the individual / personal).

On the 'New Earth' the organic abundance is not robbed from the collective, you experience that you are 'natural beautiful', we OFFER each other trustworthiness, we live (together) FROM unity / oneness, without burdening and fight EACH OTHER.

mascha roedelof
Deze Inspiratie mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding
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