2012 Galactic Alignment

There will be no poleshift at 21-12-2012. Instead there will be a galactic alignment. We are going to align with the galactic equator because of the procession of the equinox. The story of the axis wobble isn't correct.

We are ending a pole year at 21-12-2012. This is what's happening and what the hidden (occult) scriptures are telling us. This knowing is hidden, because when you are conscious about this you understand what ascension is all about.

Entering the age of aquarius is entering the astrological sign of Leo, the heartconsciousness of the fourth chakra Leo).

The docu's of Santos Bonacci are so powerful because he really understands the profound knowing of the hidden (occult) scriptures.

You really want to know about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and about their twinsoul relationship? Look for yourself. It takes some of your time but after seeing the docu's you know the truth that's hidden in all religions.

When you take the scriptures literally you're looking for treatment instead of cure.