The Fire of Kundalini

This is a transcription of the audio lecture The Fire of Kundalini, which you can download for free.

In these times, most spiritually inclined people have heard the word Kundalini. Kundalini is mentioned throughout our lectures and the books of Samael Aun Weor. It is important for all sincere, serious spiritual seekers to have a very strong understanding of what Kundalini is because it is the energy that facilitates all spiritual development. The Kundalini is at the base of all existence. It is the raw foundational energy that the spiritual seeker wants to cultivate, develop, or awaken, depending on which tradition or terms they use.

The word Kundalini is most known from the Sanskrit language, yet it is even more ancient than that language; it has roots that go back to Atlantis and beyond.

Kundalini refers to a cosmic force, an energy unlike any energy that we know physically. Kundalini is not mere electricity or magnetism or heat, but is the source of them all. Kundalini is a kind of force or energy that is pure, divine, raw potentiality, that is then modified according to its condition. This is the key fact that is often missing in many texts or schools of Hinduism or Buddhism who discuss Kundalini.

pentecost-fireIn the West, Kundalini is also a basic foundational aspect of religion, but it is more veiled. In the Judeo-Christian tradition it is symbolized as the fire of the Holy Spirit or that column of fire that led the Israelites in their great exodus.

In reality, any spiritual practice that we perform, any kind, whether recitation of mantras, meditation, prayer, devotional singing, Karma Yoga or selfless service (Seva), all of these spiritual practices, no matter what tradition it comes from, has as its intention the awakening of this cosmic force within us. There is no exception to this. The very purpose of religion or Yoga is to awaken this energy inside of the person. We seek to activate that force, because that energy connects us to the divine. It produces in us what can be called enlightenment or liberation.

That energy is not active in most people today. That is because the conditions that activate it have not been satisfied. Like any energy or force in nature, the energy of Kundalini (the Holy Spirit) functions according to the laws of nature. It functions according to cause and effect. Everything in nature, even God, respects the law of cause and effect. Karma, this law of action and consequence, modifies everything. Every manifested thing is subject to cause and effect. Kundalini is no exception.

Unfortunately, there are many schools, teachers, and books that have a lot of fanciful ideas about Kundalini and its awakening, but which are all based in lies, theories, and dreams. The awakening of Kundalini is possible, but only when the causes are produced that create that effect. Unfortunately, few know the exact conditions required, and instead teach what sounds good or what people want to hear.


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