Divine Female and Male 'Twin Souls' 'concept' - Alchemy within each of us
Hieros Gamos
Profound knowledge in all mythologies
Both in Christian mythology, Norse, Hindu, and ancient Egyptian mythology we find the same profound knowlegde.

It is the Divine Female aspect within you that has the understanding of Divine Knowledge. So it is not surprising that the religious establishments had an agenda to remove her completely to any connection of knowledge and intellect instead made her only symbolic of reproduction.

It is the Divine Male aspect in you that carries the Divine Knowledge and it is the Divine Female aspect within you that has the understanding.

Every BEing has complete access to Divine Knowledge from their own Divine Source Essence about their own Divine Source Essence. When all your Soul Aspects have come Home within you again and are re-united with your Spirit (Sacred Marriage) you can begin to consciously live through your own Knowledge and Understanding by which it becomes your Inner Knowing (which is true Gnosis).

Ancient sacred texts and the interpretations
The mythological Jesus and Mary Magdalene are the representations of the Divine Twin (Flame) WITHIN ourselves. This is also true for Shiva and Shakti for example. This is one of the profound events in the cycle reuniting of the Divine Male and Female aspects within one self to be illuminated by Divine Wisdom and then in turn illuminate others.

Even though there has been an agenda by the establishment to hide this truth from us when we know what we are looking for it is very easy to start understanding what all these scriptures and mythologies are about.

Both the concepts 'Jesus' and 'Mary Magdalene', and more subtle 'Christ' and the 'Virgin Mary' are within ourselves. And again this is also true for 'Shiva' and 'Shakti'. And true for the Greek mythological Chronus and Rhea.

Often this is interpretted as the Divine Twin Souls and Twin Flames. But this is all allegorical and refers to a state of consciousness. The Divine Male Twin Soul aspect is the Ark of the Covenant: that aspect in you is receptical for the Divine Knowledge and therefore is very closely linked to Orion and Osiris, to God. Which are allegorical concepts also. It is not literal.

The mythological Mary Magdalene is carrying a container and that's actually the holy grail and this is because Mary Magdalene is the holy grail within you and if you are familiar with the gnostic texts and the Cathars this is what they said of Mary Magdalene and therefore Jesus is the Ark of the Covenant. It are all states of consciousness.

This is what we see repeated over and over again in each of the mythologies. Also in the Hindu mythology when we see Shiva and Shakti. And the Greek mythology. The Norse and so on...

The Divine Male Twin Soul aspect within you is the Ark of the Covenant and receptical of God's Knowledge, which is unlocked by the Female Divine Twin Soul aspect within you. This is represented in all of the mythologies: the Divine Female Twin Soul aspect within you has the magic, the understanding of this information.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and Odr and Freya (even in same position)
The Divine Female Soul aspect and Male Soul aspect within you are mirroring each other

Twin Souls - Adam and Lilith
See that God's other arm is around a female? Note that she is also looking at Adam. This is not just a coincidence because everything within Michelangelo's work was put there for a symbolic reason. So if we are seeing Adam in this painting then we are also seeing Lilith who was birthed onto the material realm from God Consciousness as Adam's Twin Soul. This painting is symbolic once again of the Divine Male aspect within you and Female aspect within you reuniting with God Consciousness. This is also what the Zohar tells us.

Notice they are both shown in the Physical as with Adam outside's God's Consciousness and Lilith within it equating to the Ethereal

God is the connection between them. Magician (Tarot) and the High Priestess (Tarot). They need each other's principles to unlock the Divine Knowledge within you. This is what this painting is showing. Note that God holds the Divine Female Soul closer? This is because it is the Divine Female Soul that gets her knowledge from the Divine while the Male has this within him as part of the Divine. Eve is symsbolising the Female Twin Soul aspect in a more dense form: Eve is in the Garden on the physical plane. This painting is depicting the Twin Soul aspects in the more subtle Ethereal form. The religious anti christ chose to demonise Lilith because she is a powerful representation of the Divine Female Soul aspect in the Ethereal.

Michealangelo has placed the Male and Female on the correct side of God: Male on the Left and Female on the Right. Note he also has the blue and red material symbolic for the Male and Female Twin Soul aspects. You can see the symbolism in the Magician (Tarot) who represents the Divine Male Twin Soul aspect as he wears the Red gown. And the High Priestess (Tarot) who symbolises the Divine Female Twin Soul aspect is shown wearing Blue. We see this symbolism repeated in all the religious art.

Notice how the image on the right looks like a brain, but he was showing this to symbolise the mind not the brain there is a difference. People have to start moving away from perceiving everything in the physical because we are ethereal first and foremost.

Michelangelo knew that we were ethereal and so did Da Vinci. This romantic view that they were all tapping into the Divine or the Collective is incorrect. All these painters had connections with the Vatican so to dismiss that they would not have been privy to the knowledge they had is really quite naive. I am not saying that there wasn't an element of inspiration here that did tap into the Collective Soul or their Own Soul Memory but it wasn't all from there.

Lilith is also representing the Divine Female aspect in you and Adam is the Divine Male aspect in you. Both Mary Magdalene and Lilith are demonised. Lilith is called a demonic Goddess who eats children.

When we look at the story of Lilith it shows us that she was Adam's first wife and in fact she was attached to his back until they were manifest in a more dense form and 'split'. Again this is all allegorical: the 'split' refers to the lowering in consciousness in our own Souls due to the 'time' in the bigger cycles we are in. Due to this process 'the Wound of Isis' occurred.

But all those mythological aspects and concepts are referring to ourselves. By truly understanding the ancient text we learn to understand who we as humans truly are. And through understanding we heal 'the Wound of Isis'.

Lilith, (Ishtar - Egypt mythology), and Adam and Lilith and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Now this is symbolic for when we start moving into times of lower consciousness. When we are in time of higher consciousness and we remember our divinity and we remember that we are equal on every level including intellectually what happens when we start moving into lower consciousness we forget our divinity. When the male aspect in us start to decent into lower consciousness 'he' moves naturally into his more physical attributes and he naturally start giving into the temptation of using those attributes overpower the female aspect (also within himself!). Due to this process 'the Wound of Isis' occurred. So this is not done consciously. It is something that starts part of the cycle and this is what we then see when Lilith leaves the Garden of Eden in anger because she is not seen no longer as Adam's equal. Lilith wants to remain as Adam's equal as she knows she is because in the etherial we are all equal. Our Souls are all equal. It's only our physical attributes that start to differentuate us more in a way of physical power because the feminine aspect (in each of us) in the physical tent to be the more nurturer and the male aspect (in each of us) tent to be the more foundation and protector aka the caretaker of the tribe.

Because of lower consciousness the male aspect (in each of us) starts to overpowering the female aspect (in each of us). This is why Lilith leaves the Garden of Eden. What the church and the anti-christ have done take that information and have manipulate this information mixed it with mythology about the moon (what they have done in the Zohar). The interpretation of most scriptures is done by males who were already out of balance and harmony / in lower consciousness. And there's no way that these males have a full understanding of these scriptures and symbolism. The rabbi and priests are indoctrinated from birth to believe that it is the males that are the priests, it is the males with the power. Well that mentality is woven naturally in everything that they interpreted the scriptures and so unfortunately are getting from these religious institutes of manipulated and twisted texts and they have completely removed the importance of the female aspect (in each of us so also within themselves) and they have put her in the background because that is the agenda for them who have the ability to stay in control to keep themselves in power and unfortunately in the Zohar the interpretations are really very manipulated. They have not basicaly relate the information about the Divine Female and Male aspects (within each of us). They all wanted to make it something spiritual on a level of consciousness. But we have to understand that this plays out in the physical too of course and that is the most important part of this mythologies and scriptures explaining this plays out in the physical and this process happens also in the physical. And we have to understand why would not it be. God experiences 'Him/Her'self through us. So of course this would play out in the physical process also. But this is something that the anti-christ and the religious corporations and institutions have wanted to keep hidden.

They do not want anybody understanding the true importance of the female aspect in everything (gender is in everything). Especially when it comes to understanding knowledge and information but also they do not want to lose power when they have people believing that we have to go through them to get to God. And the actual fact is that we all have our own connection to God. And we all are etherial. Our essence is not physical.

The religious institutions want you to believe you are physical, you are limited, you are lacking, you are finite. The truth is you are etherial, you are eternal, you are immortal, you are powerful. And this is what we learn from this information.

This is why 'they' continue to demonize the female aspect and 'they' project this onto women. Isn't it interesting that it is Mary Magdalene and Lilith the independent powerful outspoken female aspects that are demonized?

Yet it is the Virgin Mary and Eve that are the ones that pushed us and that's because they are the nurturers and they are very much the embodiment of the more passive qualities of the female aspect. So this works for their agenda.

We are all One
We are not half, we are One. And we are FROM the One. The One (Monad) is Wholeness (and the Trinad at the same time). We are whole within ourSelves. In fact it is all trinity's in the scriptures ánd in Alchemy (which is the same): Father, Mother, Child; the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit; Chronos, Rhea, Zeus; Osiris, Isis, Horus; Brama, Vishnu, Shiva; Adam, Eve, Kane; Joseph, Maria, Jesus; Neutron (Di-Electricity: Black Light), Proton (Magnetism: White Light), Electron (Electricity: Red and Blue Light); di-electricity, magnetism, electricity; Mercury (Spirit), Sulfer (Soul), Salt (Body Temple). And they reduce to One, but they are a trinity and this is the basis of everything in all the Universes. It is all about the Stars, Light and Sound. Light and Sound are the same thing. We only can understand this when we crisscross all scriptures including and foremost Astrology. All scriptures (Theology) derive from Astrology: hence AstroTheology.

The Principles of the Universes - ALL is trinities
Chronos is the One Source we all derive from, Spirit, the Principle of Time: temperal time; black energy; black light; dark holes; black holes; counterspace
Rhea is Seven (7), the Super Soul, the 7 visible Planets (the Elohim), the 7 Chakra's, 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 musical notes, the Principle of Radiating / Space / the Mother Principle: put an e in front of Rhea and it says erhea and you can see the word 'heart' and 'earth' in it; white light
Zeus is Twelve (12), the Individual Soul (Sol which radiates) containing 12 aspects, Jupiter, the 12 Disciples of Jesus (Apostles), the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, the Principle of Form / Life / Individual Soul and defeats Time and Space; red and blue light

Time and Space can not create / produce anything on their own. They need the Principle of Form.

Christ is the Spirit of the Universe.
Jesus is the 'savior' which is the Soul of the Universe.

From this information you can understand the Torusfield: radiating Magnetic Field from 'Zero Point' which is looping like the lying figure 8 back into its counterspacial 'Zero Point' which is Di-Electricity counterspace (the center of the lying 8 is the 'Zero Point'). The lying figure 8 represents Time and Space which is Magnetism / Magnetical. The hourglass in the centre is called the Hyperboloid which is Time (Chronos: Black Light, Enertia and Acceleration). The lying 8 Magnetism is Space (Rhea: White Light, Motion).

The lying figure 8 is Magnetism looping back into
The lying figure 8 is Magnetism looping back into
'Zero Point' which is Di-Electricity counterspace
'Zero Point' is the 'dot' in the middle - the Center of the lying 8
The hourglass in the middle is the Hyperboloid
Breathing Energy Field - an Atom
The upper part of the hour glass is Blue (Eve) Shift, the lower part is Red (Adam) Shift - this is Your Twin

Now you can understand the Yin-Yang symbol as well: the Black is Black Light is Chronos is First is Cold is Di-Electricity, and the White is White Light is Rhea (ra - radiation) is Second is Hot is Magnetism. Both are Co-Eternal Principles: they never can be seperated. Di-Electricity, Magnetism and Electricity are the 3 Field Modalities, they are the Aether. The physical world is red (dry) shift - blue (moist) shift.

Krishna is black in his first archetype and He becomes blue. Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra which has 16 petals (Hare Krishna, Hare, Hare, etc.: Hare and Rhea have the same letters and Hare means Golden, the Lion, the Soul, the Son/Sun).

All this can be explained through AstroTheologie. Know ThySelf can be explained through AstroTheology, which is Alchemy, as well. Astrology is the one language all other languages derive from = Etymology. And all languages derive from Universal Languages like Sanskrit and Slavic Veda. It could even be that Slavic Veda was first.

Also study the work of Walter Russel. And the work of Frank Chester.

The Cube squares the Torus Field
Spiritual Cube
Physical Cube
The Cube squares the Torus Field
Spiritual Cube
Physical Cube
The Chestahedron
The Wonder of Seven
The Chestahedron
The Wonder of Seven

You can check the YouTube channel of Ken Wheeler when you want to study and understand Di-Electricity, Magnetism, Electricity, the Torus Field.

You also can check the series The ROOT (TOR) of all Knowledge (part 1-6).

The hook 'Twin Flame' (concept)
I feel the hook 'Twin Flame' (as a literal concept) is originated / rooted into religion. When we refer to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and all the other biblical 'figures' what are we referring too? What are we worshipping too? What morfogenetic fields are we tapping into when we worship those fields? I feel the answers lay in this quest relating to unhealthy symbiotic relations which are very addictive. And we have seen already that this is true for all other mythologies as well.

Eventually we are our own Twin. I do not agree with the concept of the 'soul split' and that you are not whole within your own Soul, because you are... you are not half.

From my awareness it is all about inner alchemy and the Sacred Marriage (the Hieros Gamos) also an inner process.

So please understand that the concept 'Twin Souls' is not about the relationships of people. 'Twin Soul' information is about knowledge not romance because that is what 'Twin Souls', so the female and male aspect in each of us, do. This is 'true' in the reality of the now. I am aware that we are our OWN Twin which is the Soul meeting and merging with Spirit again and We can go beyond the 'Wound of Isis'.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (re)awakening and Healing (again).

Parthenogenisis is the concept that females (contain the XX sex chromosome) gave birth to only girls (XX) by cloning themselves. The egg fertilized due to an electro-magnetic shock it is said (no male / sperm needed). It is said that those females were the original wombMAn. Those wombMAn would have been Rh positive bloodlines. Parthenogenisis would have occurred before Astrology, etc. Before the 'split'. To produce a male (contains the XY sex chromosome) child, which would have been Rh negative bloodlines, the DNA of the wombMAn was manipulated. It is said that those male children are 'the fallen angels'.

It is said that IF the DNA in females unlocks they would be able to parthenogenicate again. The meaning of Parthenogenisis is explained above.

People who belief in Parthenogenisis say that females can experience two orgasms. Actually females can experience more than two orgasms: the very local one which is called the clitoral orgasm (cum), which isn't an orgasm really but most females only experience this kind of 'orgasms'; the G Spot orgasm; the deep cervix orgasm; the womb orgasm; the heart orgasm; the total (energy) body orgasm. Females can have an ejaculation (squirten) as well while having a G Spot orgasm due to stimulating the G Spot: but this ejaculate does NOT contain sperm (semen) like the male ejaculate (XY). The sperm (semen) is made in the testicles and the prostate makes fluid to transport the sperm (semen). Would the female's ejaculate be able to fertilize an egg? Is it possible that the female ejaculation is sufficient to cause the shock needed for Parthenogenisis? Or would another kind of electro-magnetic shock be needed? But if so, then there would be no need for DNA unlocking. And realize that they would be able to only conceive girls by cloning.

Transhumanism and transgenderism agenda
I have researched the subject Parthenogenisis and what I came to know and feeling from within also Parthenogenisis is being played out in agenda 30.

To me the concept Parthenogenisis is not clear and unambiguous. And it is contradictional as well. On the one hand it is said that an ovum shock fertilized the egg in the wombMAn and on the other hand it is said that the female's ejaculate was involved in the process, and DNA unlocking is needed. And maybe the most profound to know is that gender is, was, and will be in ALL things. This includes the creator and creation. So to me the idea that there would have been only wombMAn and no males isn't (bio)logical at all.

When we look in the biological process of conception and the maturity of a fetus into a full grown baby we see that the SRY-gen needs to be activated as in the meaning of an on/off situation (not mutated!) in the chromosomes to start the growth of a baby boy. Some things can go wrong during this biological process on both the X ánd Y chromosome (you can follow the link to the book which is written in Dutch, so you will need google translate for English translation).

The fallen path
The fallen path would be forced! androgynous state through transhumanism including sodomy, chemicals in our water and air, vaccinations, hormones in plastics and modified soja. To me the concept of Parthenogenisis is part of the transhumanism and transgenderism agenda. See comment below this article about intersexuality, androgyny, and hermaphrodity.
(The disappearing male).

Inner Alchemy
When you innerstand the prostate and the function of that gland, you can innerstand the G-spot and her function as well or rather the function of the Skene's Gland.

Now you can innerstand why it is very cruel ánd an act of violation to circumcise a woman's clitoris which is far more then what we see on the outside. And also you can innerstand why it is essential (and very cruel) to cut of the skin of the penis (circumcision), because it is due to this 'piece of skin' that there is kind of 'vacuum' in the vagina while 'making love' and this is a stimulation of the vagina and her G-spot... secreting her fluids.

It is ALL within us: gender is in ALL things is correct, but it is more profound then people, after the 'fall' (downfall in consciousness), did interpret.

The Mother and Father Arc - the Divine Feminine aspect and Divine Masculine aspect. This creates a true trinity (unified Christos-Sophia: these are only 'words' people... please feel into the 'concept' beyond the words) state.

The balance and unfolding (no need to ACTIVATE any thing) of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is a VERY crucial point in HEALING and breakout from various programs that serve to cement the entanglement within this reality - 'victim-victimizer' and 'false parent' programs mainly.

This is a process: it is within each human and expressed without as both sexes. The process is merging the Masculine ánd Feminine principles within each individual BEing and in each sex as we relate in healthier ways through awareness, claiming sacred fundamental worth and individual sovereingty, growth and knowledge. As we innerstand and merge and harmonize these principles the Holy Mother and Father within ourselves and simultaneously without, we relate healthier in all our relationships since then we are wholed (fully healed) ourselves.

We are all from the One, but we are not one and the same as we all carry different values and embodiments particular in how these forces combine uniquely in each BEing and relationship. The key is the value we give these principles in that they are both honored and respected, expressed in lofty ways as opposed to harmful distorted pathological ways that abuse manipulate and control for power.

We are deconstructing an old power dynamic paradigm. Healing it within ourselves and meeting ourselves and each other in new ways based in compassion and love. Healing our shadows with each other in joy, love and compasssion, holding each other in that. We are seeing a durge of pathological relationships engaging and breaking this down bringing it to the surface for awareness. So we can decide how we will engage. This is the most intimate core playing out in all our relations.

The Path of Tantra and the process of Inner Alchemy.
Both females ánd males can walk this path alone or together IF they are in a very mutual loving relation. A male doesn't need to receive enligthenment through a woman: stating this is creating another inversion and distortion.

mascha roedelof
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Parthenogenisis is not the same as intersexuality. Nor it is the same as a hermaphrodite impregnating her-/himself. Nor does it refer to androgyny.

The initialism LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) [...]

For me intersex doesn't belong in this row, because intersex people have sexual characteristics of both genders. However they are not fully grown / developped. Mostly both the male as the female characteristics are not fully developped. Mostly they are not fertile.

When an organism can reproduce by only using their own cells we call this parthenogenesis: the organism clones itself. This are always female organisms.

The term 'hermaphrodite' doesn't apply for humans and is not in use anymore. The term isn't correct because ambiguity is not characteristic for humans as a specie because according the biological meaning of the word hermaphrodite both sexual organs must be there ánd must be fertile as well. That's why the term hermaphrodite is replaced by the term intersexual.

Intersexual humans do exist. Intersexuals do not have fully grown male and female outer and inner sexual organs and are not fertile at all.

Both intersexual and hermaphrodite should not be confused with androgyny, by which a human is a full grown female ór male. However this individual doesn't identify him/herself with the commonly female and male roles / images within a society / CULTure.
We currently do NOT live in a male dominated world. We currently live in a male (and female) energy DISTORTED and PERVERTED world / society.

True Male energy (a True Alpha Male) in both males ánd females doesn't feel the need to overpower, control, steer, burden others: the distorded male energy in both males ánd females does. The distorted female energy in both females ánd males love to play games as well. They both have there own patterns and programs.

The thing is that we need to discern the individual (female and male being) from the greater picture. It were not the females that got out of balance and because of that the males got out of balance.

Extracting one principle from the whole is creating distortion and perversion. The Feminine Principle is the creation and the Male Principle is the creator. They are the polarities and they both originate from the Oneness / the Isness.

it would be very helpfull when we stop dividing the things.

Without the Male Principle initiating life / creation there would have been no creation at all.

This is true on the physical plane as well: without the male (individual / being) initiating life with his sperm there would be no life at all.

Without the Male Principle in the individual / being the individual wouldn't be a creator and there wouldn't be a creation (Female Principle).
Know ThySelf

The Ark and the Flood explained

Parthenogenesis is known as the 'virgin birth' but the 'virgin birth' is all allegorical
It is ALL within us: gender is in ALL things is correct, but it is more profound then people, after the 'fall' (downfall in consciousness), did interpret.

Please enter the video's below with great discernment, use your own total body intelligence to discern truth from inversion and distortion, and research the mentioned subjects yourself.

Verses in the Zohar about Lilith who is symbolic for the Divine Female aspect.

Zohar 1:34b
When the letters of the name of Adam, descended below, together in their completeness, the male and the female were found together, and the female was attached to his side, until God cast a deep slumber upon him and he fell asleep. And he lay in the place of the Temple below. And the Holy One, blessed be He, sawed her off him, and adorned her as they adorn a bride, and brought her to him.

Zohar 3:19
Come and see: There is a female, a spirit of all spirits, and her name is Lilith, and she was at first with Adam. And in the hour when Adam was created and his body became completed, a thousand spirits from the left [evil] side clung to that body until the Holy One, blessed be He, shouted at them and drove them away. And Adam was lying, a body without a spirit, and his appearance was green, and all those spirits surrounded him. In that hour a cloud descended an pushed away all those spirits. And when Adam stood up, his female was attached to his side. And that holy spirit which was in him spread out to this side and that side, and grew here and there, and thus became complete.

(It really is disgusting how these rabbi manipulated the texts to hide the truth about the female being created as the equal to the male. I suppose at least they mentioned her in the Zohar although they twisted the texts to make her evil. The anti christ catholics however complete removed her from Genesis that is how afraid they were of Lilith. Regardless I think this illustration taken from the Zohar pretty much speaks for itself.

Zohar 3:19
'Come and see: There is a female, a spirit of all spirits, and her name is Lilith...'

Genesis I: 27 reads
'And Elohim created Adam in His Image, in the Image of God He created him: male and female He created them.'
Soon the human couple begins to fight, but neither one really hears the other. Lilith refuses to lie underneath Adam during sex, but he insists that the bottom is her rightful place. He apparently believes that Lilith should submissively perform wifely duties. Lilith, on the other hand, is attempting to rule over no one. She is simply asserting her personal freedom. Lilith states: 'We are equal because we are both created from the dust of the earth.'

When Lilith refuses to lay beneath Adam this is symbolic for the beginning of their decent into Lower consciousness when Adam begins to forget his Divinity and no longer see's Lilith as his equal (de Wond van Isis). If we look to the Emperor and Empress Tarot card for more of an understanding of this we see that the male physical attributes are more foundational and earthly as he sits on his square stone chair with Rams heads either side. However we see the Empress with her staff held up high showing her connection to the Ethereal and she sits on a white Heart with a Crown of 12 stars also showing her connection to the Divine. (12 represents the 'Twin Souls' God Consciousness before they are once again reunited.)

The reason why Lilith leaves the Garden in disgust is because she is more connected to the Ethereal she retains her memory of her Divinity longer while Adam who is more connected to his 'foundational' qualities forgets his Divinity first as they descend into Lower Consciousness. Due to this Lilith will not accept anything less than being seen as Adam's equal for she knows that they were both created as such. The Garden of Eden represents the time of Higher Consciousness.

Now if we look cross culture for more confirmation we see that Shiva and Shakti who are also symbolising the Divine Male and Female aspects are shown here in Sexual Union and Shakti is shown on top of Shiva which is symbolic of her not being subservient to him.

The ancient texts are manipulated and the profound (symbolic) understanding is more and more hidden for us. This is written about Lilith in the Bible.
When you want to study this profound knowledge you can look into the work of Santos Bonacci and Bill Donahue. Or you can look into the work of Manly P. Hall.
I have made texts and insights from free and unburdened and unburdening living together freely available on my blog 'We ARE the New Earth', my daughter website 'Het Gekruide Pad', and also via the texts, insights, and columns on my website Het Bewuste Pad. When you want to value my texts and insights, I invite you to express you valuation by contributing to my free existence.