Re-birthday - the Galactic Alignment 21-12-12
All is movement as in a wave. Everything is an expiration and an inspiration, an ungoing wave movement from the ONE, Source...

Tomorrow there will be an influx of inspiration from the ONE, Source. I invite you to be with yourSelf in stillness, receptable. Maybe you like to be in nature. Follow your impulses.

You could say the Galactic Alignment on 21-12-12 is the re-birthday of our father/mother Sun who gave birth to all life including Earth and Us. We all are from the same Source, we are ONE yet all individual and unique Beings, we are from the ONE. When you remember we are all ONE then you cann't do any harm to another. Simply because you would harm yourself.

Enjoy 21-12-12
Love you all

mascha roedelof
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masęha 2018

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