The 'Game' goes on... (or does it?)
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Awakening and Healing Again
The first exhalation
In the Source, the Primal Consciousness, everything flowed in Unity and Communion. In a symbiosis with All That Exists…

Once, eons and eons ago, in the Primal Consciousness out of which everything came forth, an impulse arose to become conscious of itself. Unity experienced a desire deep within to express itself. This impulse of desire from Unity was manifested immediately. So strong was the Internal Source Creation Manifestation Power present in this desire. Unity manifested another/same Unity outside itself, which ‘divided’ Unity. Both felt the longing deep within to flow together and also to express themselves more and more. The powerful longing to flow together and come together manifested new creations outside themSelves. Stars and planets manifested.

After some time the desire arose to live a 'human' experience. In order to realize this, special vehicles of consciousness were manifested for the ones who felt the courage to go first. The purpose of the 'Human Game' was to investigate and live through all aspects of the 'human experience'. To investigate and live all aspects of consciousness.

A collective journey began...

The Journey
To be able to play the 'Game' it was necessary to descend into consciousness from Unity. More and more into duality and separateness. This was a gradual process.

During the journey different 'games' were played. On different planets. These 'games' took place in cycles. And every time there came a moment that the 'game' had been played to the end. 'Game' over. These 'games' have left deep deep memories in layers around the collective consciousness and therefore also around the individual consciousness. Memories of power and powerlessness, superiority and inferiority, uncertainty, lust, greed, arrogance... In short: experiences of dualities and separation...

Earth and life on Earth coming into Existence
Once, eons and eons ago, a Council of Wise Ones (please do not take this literal) gathered who 'discussed' where the next experience 'game' could be played. A 'game' where all those involved before would play a part. The purpose of the 'game' was to see through all the experiences of duality and polarity, and to eventually come to a point where a reversal could take place. At the deepest point of duality and polarity, of denseness, a moment of reversal would be possible. There would be a moment when all those involved had the opportunity to join in defining the outcome of the 'Game'. Never before had this been possible.

I am not sure Source birthed Earth directly. Yes indirectly of course since all originates from Source, the Creator.

I feel Earth could be birthed from another planet.

We are living in a 'fractal reality'. When the Earth (one little planet among many) was 'forming' Source Creator was involved of course. Nothing in Creation happens without Source being ok with it. Source being ok does implicate Source is neutral embrasing ALL of Creation without judgement. Being ok does not implicate there is no 'evil' in Creation, because there is. Look around and you see the '(d)evil'. Look around and you see the 'go(o)d'. Perceiving from Unity all is embrased. All fractal 'parts' are embrased and deeply loved.

From Love and Unity Creator perceives Creation.

There is a 'creative fiat' from Source, which was the intent for planets and the galaxies to come into Existence, Stones, Crystals, came into Existence, Elementals came into Existence, Plant Life came into Existence, Animal Life came into Existence, Humans came into Existence, etc.

The further away from Creator the more 'impure' Creation became. Some 'parts' got a bit rebellious and forgot about Source.

So now we have kind of 'defined' (please do not take this to literal because how could we ever 'define' Source Creator) Source. Which is Creator, Pure Magnetic 'Light' which is Vibration and Frequency and Pure Energy Field, True Light, which is Still though includes all in itself (be it White and Dark Light and the whole Light Spectrum))... An emptiness, yet full of potent Internal Creation Power... from which all creation originates, which is the out breath.

The long out breath is bit less Pure Magnetic and Still Light then Source because it needs polarity (which is electrical) to come into Existence (the first 'dividedness' was the first out breath which caused the primal wound). And the energies became more and more impure and dense on its 'journey'.

'First Borns'
'First Borns' were asked to incarnate on Earth. Not that many 'Souls' were asked and even less dared to 'go'. A 'First Born' (some call these Souls 'Blue Kachina's') is a Divine Soul coming into Existence from Source. (All is Divine of course since all originates from Source, but the further from Source... the less Pure.)

Since they were (and are) very close to Source, which is Pure Consciousness, they have the Wisdom and Understanding alive in their remembering. Also they innerstand the profound meaning of Real Love (which is not the New Age 'all is love and light nonsense'). Also they have the Internal Source Creation Power intact. They are the ones who have the 'piece of the puzzle' to facilitate Humanity in those days of huge changes. No Human has ALL the Knowing and Understanding him- or herself. they NEED each other to embed the Next Generations into Unity, since they are the ones perceiving from Unity. They have not overcome duality and polarity, no they have lived it through and they embrase all of Existence: that's why they are neutral. Also they have a very clear innerstanding and discernment in what is natural and what unnatural (suppressive and controlling programs in your psyche which are there because of eons of indoctrination and in being out of balance).

Being neutral means they point out what is unnatural, oppressive, aggressive, etc. They are the true transformers and facilitators of the transition we are in. They refer to Truth for everyone to recognize in themselves too: since all have Truth within them, but when nobody refers to your inner Truth, your Wisdom and Understanding from Source, you possibly (and probably) will not recognize it yourself. The moment Source in yourself is touched and acknowledged by yourself you have the discernment what is coming form your Internal Source and what not. Also you start living from Source within. Including (co) creating from within.

When '2012' has occurred in you (yes '2012' is an individual process) you have become a Conscious (Co) Creator (again), (co) creating from your Inner Source Power. From this moment on nobody and no thing has 'power over' you anymore: also not 'soul contracts' or whatever they have 'feed' you. No longer you are influenced by the false Akasha Cronics. It was this moment in time the ancient talked about.

We all were part of the 'out breath'. Now we all are part of the 'in breath' 'journeying' back Home. Nobody is excluded. Nobody will left out. We are in this together, since we are All Connected and we are All from the One.

We have now arrived at the point in evolution of maximum density of our consciousness. Once, before the Game on Earth began, we made an agreement with each other that at that point an alarm would go off inside ourselves. Deep inside ourselves we would remember we Are from the One. A deep longing would wake us up. So that we would walk the path back to Unity. Many have heard this alarm go off. Many have set off on the path.
On the way back we encounter the memories as obstacles in the layers around our collective and individual consciousness, memories we have accumulated during the many human experiences. We may now see through these obstacles. You can view these obstacles as illusory layers that have been laid around our (Source) consciousness. Illusory layers that have been laid around pure consciousness. Illusions concerning primal trust, sexuality, symbols, words, (source) religion, love, freedom, joy, power, creation, creative power.

The effect of the illusions is so powerful that for many people the (Source) consciousness has completely disappeared out of view. As a result of the many human experiences the view on the Source has completely disappeared from the picture. But now is the Time that we are ‘called’ to see through the workings of the illusions. The seeds of awaking have been laid in every one of us. The seeds can start to germinate. The Time is NOW. For this to be possible however, it is necessary that we understand the workings of the illusions in the right way. Otherwise new illusory layers will just be created around our consciousness. And that of course doesn’t bring us any further in the Game.

We have all received aids, keys, to see through the illusory layers. Everybody has a different blend of illusory layers round the (Source) consciousness, depending on the human experiences he/she has accumulated in this life and past lives. The experiences of others also lie (subconsciously) around your (Source) consciousness.

An illusionary layer around your consciousness contains thought patterns, defense mechanisms, behavior patterns, (pre)judgements, assumptions, concepts, ideas. Characteristic is that the illusions are not yours, but they feel as if they are yours. Therefore you react automatically to something coming from outside. It’s as if you are (pre)programmed. And that is how it works. Illusions work like a program. The programs have been laid in you during all the human experiences and in this life during your upbringing at home and at school, the culture you live in, the religion (even if you are not actively involved in a religion: the religious patterns still lie stored as veils around your consciousness).

In your consciousness gatekeepers take care that the gates of an illusory layer only open after you have fully accepted the gift of the gatekeeper in yourSelf. After you have seen through an illusionary layer, you can pass through the gate and the illusion no longer has a hold on you. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be triggers coming from the illusion any more, but you no longer react automatically from the illusion to these triggers. You have a choice now. You no longer fall back in consciousness once you have completely passed through the gate.
Your ‘knowing’ from life experience, the gatekeeper’s gift, now becomes available to yourSelf, the other and the larger whole. Whereby the path has become available for the other. The other has to walk the path herself/himself, want to make steps herself/himself. That also means accepting the consequences of passing through the gate.

Woman and man concepts
Many dualities lie stored within the concepts ‘woman’, ‘feminine’ and ‘man’, ‘masculine’. The natural creative power of both woman and man was invalidated, because an unnatural division took place within the woman-man (Human). With as a result many entanglements, confusions and reversals around the woman and man image (Human image). Many illusions take away the view on the woman-man (Human) and especially on the creative power of both. The essence of the invalidation lies in the way of creative power that they both naturally have in them.

Releasing creative power in women and men
The creative power of women and men is released again, once the mechanism ‘needing’ between women and men has been seen through. And the mechanism has been seen through. Your creative power is released, once you see how the mechanism of ‘needing’ works inside yourself, inside your consciousness. This goes for women as well as men.

A woman naturally gives her life vitality, her life’s energy: that is her Source (experience), her Creative Power

The ‘feminine’ ‘needing’
As soon as woman dissolves all dependence, including spiritual neediness, inside herself, she finds the loving bed for her power inside herself. The moving along with the outside, for example her husband, automatically stops. All ‘false’ unreal ‘needing’ outside herself dissolves. She can now ‘drink’ from her own Source experiences. She now ‘knows’ by having lived through it that she can find everything she needs in Life inside herself. The reaching out to others from a ‘false’ unreal needing stops. She trusts that she receives from Life what she needs to fully blossom. That which she really needs automatically resonates with her and comes to her without any effort.

What she needs during this process is trust. The feeling of trust is now deeply anchored within her as a primal trust. Because of this she can relax, find peace with herself. In her own Source. Her life goes as it goes, she doesn’t need a story any more.

Divine Feminine
Her vitality is now freely available for co-creation. Emotions like fear, self-doubt, confusion, insecurity and entanglement no longer pull her back out of her strength. She sees these defense mechanisms for what they are, both in herself and in the other. She knows she might still have issues. These no longer distract her from herself and what she has to offer to the living together. She can stay focused on the giving and no longer withdraws.

Divine Femininity: carrier of life, the birth giver, nourish and nurturer...
The healed sick psyche (the sick masculine in both man and woman) protects this wonderful given Life...

When as a woman you haven’t yet actually ‘met’ the Source inside yourself, when your Source hasn´t yet descended (the descending of your Source in your belly feels like an orgasm, and the cosmos cheers along with you at the moment of the descent: you grow in your Womb Power), you can feel the longing for your Source deep inside you. A deep longing of the soul can be awake inside you. You project this longing outside yourself. As long as you haven’t experienced the Source (experience) deeply, don’t know it from the inside, you will want to fill up the emptiness inside with outside experiences. You don’t see that you’re not your Source yet and you want to pull it in from the outside. You start ‘grabbing’ for money, sex, love… Through your man for example, because you ‘think’ (story = mind) that he ‘ought to’ give you the Source experience (love for example). Or you start giving away your life energy, without being open to receive.

A man naturally wants to be really ‘needed’, he wants to be available in freedom in his heart’s love: that is his Source (experience), his Creative Power

The ‘masculine’ ‘wanting to be needed’
Once he can feel the difference in himself between ‘being needed’ and ‘false’ unreal ‘being needed’ he will automatically stop giving his life force away and still be able to remain in the heart’s connection. He now knows and recognizes the power of his heart’s love, which is Unconditional Love. He no longer needs to withdraw inside himself (flee) or – for example – get up on the barricades to battle in a war (fight). He can now say ‘no’ strongly to false ‘being needed’ and feel the difference inside himself when and where he is really needed. His life energy which is his sexual energy, his creative power, is now available for what he genuinely wants to connect with in freedom, out of Real Love.

Divine Masculine
The era of the Grail Knight has arrived - the Guardians of the Womb, Guardians of the Earth, Soul Whisperers...
This is a new terrain for many men, a realization that your own Awakening is inextricably linked to the Re-emergence of the Feminine - in yourselves and in the women around you. The time of the separated masculine spiritual path is over. What this world needs more than anything else at this moment is men who are committed to their souls, to feel all their feelings with radical honesty, to choose Life and Love over security and power, to leap out from the safety of the bank into the middle of the fast flowing river, to realize that one of greatest powers in existence is the Courageous Lion-Hearted Love of awakening men. This love has the power to bloom open not just yourselves, but also the women that you love... and by giving it all, you will receive it all... because this is the true connection and sharing on all levels both physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically... and with the All, The One...

Divine Masculinity: protector of the Divine Femininity which is the carrier of life, the birth giver, nourish and nurturer...
The Divine Masculine says We are all invited on this planet and I truly live together on Mother Earth, I protect all Live and I stand for my own healing and the healing of Mother Earth and the Next Generations. I will no longer lean on the Feminine and expect her to clean up the mess on Earth, I take care of my own growth. I no longer offer Life and the Feminine. The Divine Masculine says I am touchable.
The healed sick psyche (the sick masculine in both man and woman) protects this wonderful given Life...

Both collectively and individually men feel a trigger on the emotion ‘being needed’. Men can feel a suction in ‘being needed’. The more suction he experiences, the more resistance. It feels as if his life energy (money, sex, heart’s love, freedom) is being channeled. And so ‘being needed’ can feel too heavy for him, which makes him afraid to deeply connect from his heart’s love. So great is the (subconscious) fear inside him of being disproven. He once had the experience that he was made into the Source of someone or something else. Once he was disproven in his heart’s love. Because of this he starts filling up the experience of ‘being needed’ in the outside world. He starts filling up the emptiness in his heart with outside experiences. He goes out to save the world, for example, and can get sucked into a war doing so. Or he starts investigating the power behind the power. Anything better than having to feel the emptiness in his heart. In feeling the emptiness in his heart, lies his transformation.

As soon as man is healed in his heart’s strength, his heart’s love which is Real Love, and he remembers his creative force, he can no longer be manipulated by those in power to go and ‘help’ an invisible goal in other countries in the name of ‘peace on earth’, the ‘good’ etc. He can no longer be manipulated to be sent into a war in the name of ‘peace on earth’ or the ‘good’. He can no longer be manipulated to save. He now understands that nobody needs to be saved.

Real men and women are a(n) ‘(em)bedding’ for each other: they are capable of fully picking up each other’s talents and bringing them further. The desires from the ego are no longer leading. Reaction patterns are no longer being lived out. Real men and women Are essentially powerful co-creators. Each from her/his own creative power.

Accepting gifts from outside feels like a deep betrayal to yourSelf in your system. You rape and disprove yourSelf.

This translates externally in this Time
Not accepting ‘it’ in yourSelf as a pattern, which makes you as a human keep on looking for the Source (experience) outside yourSelf. Looking for the Source outside yourself feels safe and familiar, which makes it possible for ‘it’ to be accepted. Feelings of safety and primal trust are no Source experiences. However the Source outside yourSelf doesn’t bring forth anything substantial, it doesn’t procreate.

Looking for the Source outside yourSelf leads to fear, hyperactivity, confusion, entanglement, restlessness, because it feels like a deep betrayal of yourSelf. For inside yourSelf you ‘know’ that you already have everything in you. You have everything inside you to Be who you really Are. You yourself are the reason that you move away from your Source. You really have everything inside you to come to creation. You Are already there. We Are already there. All we need to do is re-connect it. As soon as you leave your creation to yourself, let your life force flow freely, you automatically start to flow together in co creation (resonance). Passionate life forces start to flow together.

Insight in the essence of Sexuality
The longing for Unity, for flowing together, lies stored in the consciousness of every human being. Often a person is not aware of this. The longing for Unity can also be translated as the longing for co-creation. The creation can be a child, or a beautiful painting, or a great work of art… The conception can come either from outside yourself or from inside. From outside it can be expressed in a pregnancy and when the impulse comes from inside in a beautiful painting.

The longing is felt as Sexual Energy, as sexual desire. Once you have insight in the essence of Sexuality you have conscious choices available in how you want to express your Sexual Energy. Sexual reaction patterns are no longer being indulged.

Wise women and men have cleaned up their sexual reaction patterns. In this way as a wise woman and a wise man you are a conscious link in the evolution and you understand that you are co-creator of the 'Game'.

As long as we don’t pick up on this together, we lapse into old patterns and get more and more entangled (this IS the timeloop people think! they are in, but is all in their own psyche). Which can have a very destructive effect. I mention this so we can become conscious of it. I offer you an alternative to fearfully withdrawing inside yourself or directing your anger outside yourself.

Inside yourself you can develop a flawless feeling for when something doesn’t connect with you on all levels. You can develop a very sharp and clear feeling inside yourself for what is true for you, what resonates inside you. Because of this you no longer need to lose connection with yourSelf and the confusion and entanglement in you come to an end. Self doubt comes to an end. Ask yourself if something that is being offered to you feels right for you. You feel it in the restlessness in your body. When you have seen something, peace is the result!

Feel the difference in yourself
- Yes, there are still issues
- Not being picked up, the essential that you bring is not being picked up… No connection is being made with it.

The 'Game' has been played to the end!
We may start playing a new 'Game', from our own wisdom
Letting each other exist (stand) in Freedom, no tax added, no load added, no harvesting...
Acknowledgment, recognition of yourself, each other, the larger whole
may/can become the Source (experience)

Recognition old and new

You recognize the old Game by
Fear, Depression, Psychosis, Schizophrenia
The Secret / Superwise Me

You recognize the new Game by
Inner peace
With ease, effortless
Letting each Other exist (stand) in freedom, no taxes added, no load added, no haversting
The Abundance Principal
Internal Source Creation Power - Co-creation out of passion (Supra Sex)

The 'Game' goes on...

Unconditional Love and Energetic Sexuality (Supra Sex)

The Mythical Jesus and 'his' message
Worldwide there are people who can really penetrate to the core of the illusions. They can penetrate to the Essential message that lies hidden within the illusions. These people are the pioneers.

In this way the mythical Jesus went ahead of us 2000 years ago. In the time of Jesus the consciousness of many was not so accessible yet that they could ‘understand’ the Essential message of her twin soul Jesus. People didn’t have ears to hear and eyes to see yet. A single fellow traveler in Jesus’ time could pick up the message. Jesus’ most important fellow traveler was the mythical Maria Magdalen. She understood Jesus’ words. She understood the deep meaning. She understood the chance humanity was offered with Jesus’ words.

Or... was it in fact her message that was fully heard and understood by the mythical Jesus and was he ‘merely’ the one giving words to it for many? Did the story of the mythical Maria Magdalen still need to be protected, because her message would in that time have been invalidated completely? Would have been ridiculed? Would have been undermined? Would people have been able to accept her message in themselves? Would it have been picked up? Probably not. There were so many (pre)judgements against women in that time. It really had to be a man, who was the one to bring an Essential message for humanity. (Please do not take 'Jesus' and 'Mary Magdalen' literal but metaphorical and notice that this issue still is playing out in the Here Now.)

Unconditional Love
The mythical Maria Magdalen understood the message of Unconditional Love. She understood and felt through the essence of Sexuality, of Sexual Energy. She understood the longing of humanity to once again flow in Unity with themSelves, the other, the larger whole. She understood that if people could accept the message of Unconditional Love inside themselves, people would never be the same. From Unconditional Love there is room for everyone to Be on planet Earth. Nobody excluded. From Unconditional Love everyone is welcome in the other’s Heart and Core at the level of Essence. Unconditional Love sees the Essential in herself/himself and the other, and through that also in the larger whole. Unconditional Love knows no (pre)judgement. Everything can just be as it is. Unconditional Love allows you to end up at yourSelf, at your Source, seemingly without any effort. Unconditional Love leaves the essence of Sexual Energy free, lets Sexual Energy flow freely. Lets the creative life forces flow freely.

Yes, Maria Magdalens message was doomed to remain unheard for 2000 years. (And this still goes on in the Here Now.)

Gate of Unconditional Love
But now, in this Time, there are once again the Divine Ones who have fully ‘heard’ her message. They have opened the gate of Unconditional Love, Real Love. Because of this the complete message of Unconditional Love has become available for Humanity. And with the message of Unconditional Love the message of the Essence of Sexual Energy also becomes available again for everyone.

Be aware this is all mythical and is referring to yourSelf. You are your own Twin Soul. You Are the Trinity.

Spiritual Transformation
We are in the middle of a spiritual transformation and its all about Knowing Thyself. Then You Are in Your Own Individual Power and starts living from a true togetherness and sharing with Your Morther Earth and in alignment with All There Is. No more manipulation, no more harvesting of your (sexual) life force energy. Just you flowing wherever life wishes you to flow(er).

From our renewed innerly 'structure' (in Dutch), our renewed transformed psyche, our outer world needs to and will change too.

The ones who comprehend this are and will be the 'parents' of the 'New Earth': midwifes who facilitate humanity to be born on 'the New Earth' by living the new themselves in their own togetherness.

Being the (em)bedding for the Next Generations
Via the Organic Earth Life Academy - homeschooling from The Organic Paradigm you learn how you can offer the Next Generations a free unconditional grounding and foundation. That's ALREADY possible. The foundation of freedom of perception of Self and experience of Self. There are children out there with beautiful and powerful consciousness and talents, because they are born on the free foundation of this spirit of times, from with they feel the (inner) space to express themSelves. Lets (em)bed them.

mascha roedelof
This column may be distributed freely with acknowledgment of the Source
mas©ha 2010

There are so many aspects in Real Love. Real Love for your cat, baby, an adult daughter or son, friends, family, your tribe you live in, your collegaes and co-creators , and your sexual partner(s) or that very special life partner.

Their is still such discord and distraction of Sexual Energy, which is your Life Force Energy, Prana, Chi, Intuïtion, Soul, Spirit: all in the Universe(s) exists because of this Sexual Energy. But the label 'Sex' is still so loaded because most think (because of indoctrination) that 'Sex' is related to physical sex and that's untrue.

Real Love is never in limitation because Real Love is coming from your inner overflowing Well. Real Love for your baby makes you deeply connecting with your baby, but there is no physical sex involved. Jet there is Sexual Energy involved.

In a true co-creation your passion is involved, which is your Sexual Energy and your Real Love is involved... but not necessarily there is physical sex involved.

Real Love is twisted also. Many think they are Real Love and overflowing from their Well, but in fact are in deep need...
Life sharing is the (co-)creational power of life. This is a true sharing and connection in equity and equality. No need to give more then to receive... Why? In making deep spiritual love there is an exchange of (sexual) life force energy and Real Love in equity and equality too!
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