Living from the One Heart Source

Living from the One Heart Source
Living from the heart is living from total body intelligence, total awareness, 
a total mature chakra system in alignment with Mother Earth and our Creator
Living from the One Heart Source
Living from the heart is living from total body intelligence, total awareness,
a total mature chakra system in alignment with Mother Earth and our Creator

Message to all Earthlings
Trees, or more specific the roots of the trees, form a huge Earth grid and they are all connected both literally as energetic.

Realize that trees (and all other life on this Mother Plane) are suffering badly due to all electrosmog including and especially 5G, weather radars / manipulations... but also the heavy polluting ships in the oceans. The air we breathe is heavily polluted, the waters are heavily polluted.

Realize that without trees there is NO O2 on this Mother Plane anymore and also no surface water (realize that there is plenty primary water IN the Earth though: there are NO shortages on Earth, ALL shortages are deliberately created). Where would we humans be without O2 and H2O?

All life is inter-connected
Plant life, animal life, more subtle life, humans... we are all inter-connected...

Realize the implications when we humans go on polluting this Mother Plane.

We humans should be the protectors of this place
It is up to us humans to protect this place Šnd to protect each other: that is a true living togetherness.

How can we humans protect the natural EMF of Mother Nature?
This is including us humans: in other words how can we protect each other?

We people are electro-magnetic BEings living in an electro-magnetic Cosmos: we emit electro-magnetic energy from the center of our Torus Field which is the Heart.

Living from the One Heart
Living from the One Heart is living from total body intelligence, total awareness, a total mature 'chakra system' which is a Pilar of Light in alignment with Mother Earth and our Creator.

People who live from the Heart know the transition is not about the I but about the I-in-We. They understand the transition is IN our living togetherness. And they do not choose to leave people behind, they include all in the transition. This morning someone said to me 'if I was given the option to leave this matrix right now and be totally free... I couldn't... I can't leave knowing this place is still broken': this is an expression of Real Love, the Motherly Love: She will not leave her children behind... none of her children.

The heart of those people is huge and their love is deep: they feel TRUE/REAL pain in seeing other people's life, plant life, animal life (and even more subtle life) being in suffering. They have a deep understanding that its difficult to transform and heal on a personal level having an empty stomach or being afraid of losing your house or whatever suffering in the personal lives of their fellow man. Their compassion is immense. Those people are not saviors, not at all. They are authentic and true in their heart space and they simply understand natural living on Earth is IN our living togetherness. We are in the 'game' all together and its up to us humans to transit together.

So only those who have healed themselves on all levels and are living from their heart space will be the embedders for the Next Generations.

The others simply have not this deep profound understanding yet. Their psyche (and ego) is too much occupied with the personal healing still. This is not a judgement, just observation from my awareness.

The need of living from your Heart Space (total body intelligence) in the NOW
'They' knew people would wake up... 'they' knew their puppets would be exposed... 'They' know they will lose in the end, but 'they' will do everything to harvest as many souls as 'they' can. CERN is not the only Artificial Intelligence (AI) weapon. There are several: nano technology in combination with vaccinations and chemtrails for example. And now (2019) also the 5G towers and technology.

In fact CERN can very easily tie into a huge distraction. CERN is probably still trying to open portals (August 2015)... however, it does keep failing. People will take note of that and become naÔve and think everything is all good now: which is all distraction.

GEOspatial intelligence is nano technology upgraded in my opinion to a higher from of artificial intelligence take over.

And here comes the essence of living from the Heart Space in
CERN and all kind of nano technologies including 5G can not work, in the meaning of manipulating and scaring you by which you fall victim to the distractions and move out of your Heart Space, if you don't match their frequency. Or rather you DO match their frequency, because ALL frequency and vibrations, Šnd colors... the 'higher' Šnd the 'lower' ones... are unlocked in you when you live from your One Heart Source. Raising your vibrations is a new age distraction also. Like Enlightenment as a program is a new age distraction as well.

So, unfortunately people who don't live from their One Heart will fall victim to the distractions. People who live from their One Heart Space and are totally awaken won't. So the more people living from their Heart Space and are really awakened the better...

But again: there is a difference in getting aggressive (so called lower emotions) or feeling deep compassion and real anger from your Core Being because of the shit in the world: those deep feelings do not lower your frequencies, on the contrary. Because there will not be an identification with these emotions... They will not overwhelm you and you still will be grounded.

From Child Consciousness to Adult Consciousness
From Child Consciousness to Adult Consciousness

When you know ThySelf their will be no overwhelming fear in you because you KNOW that your essence never can and will die: what dies is your physical container only.

Its beautiful to assist your fellow men to transition into their hearts / total body intelligence and adult consciousness as much as possible. Because only those living from their Heart Space will be the embedders of the Next Generations and co-create these new ways of living together on Earth.

What Mother Earth and we ourselves do need is a natural living together from Source Consciousness, from Essence which is True Love. We are not in need of an idea, nor a plan, but a place where all can thrive on this Mother Plane.

We are in deep need to live together in peace and heart to heart connection including each other with no agenda's attached. Even no stories about each other attached.

Nothing... of all this... Absolutely no divisiveness.

People who live from their Heart Space are the embedders for ALL Life on Earth. They inter-create a grid of true love and emit and live the frequency of love, and they are truly immersed in Mother Nature's EMF through their own EMF.

I am a beholder of this space...

mascha roedelof
Deze inspiratie mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding
(Geschreven op 19 april 2019 en opnieuw in 2020 opgenomen vanwege actualiteit)
mas©ha 2020
Midwife for the Living and Dying

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