Karmic Endings and New Beginings

Karmic Endings and New Beginnings
Karmic Endings and New Beginnings

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On the treshold of 2019 it is a good moment to think over and complete the old year, by which you can enter and begin the new year 2019 without old ballast.

Karmic Endings and New Beginnings
We are on the Real Organic Earth and we have always been in our natural organic state. Souled humans and beings are organic. Gaia has always been free.

It is our indoctrinated minds that cause(d) the holographic overlays, i.e. holographic projections: the overlays are built in tune with our mind's perceptions by giving attention to forces, circumstances, and people outside ourselves. The social engineered persona is an entity, a program that sees the real organic Earth through its projection of fear based belief systems and ideologies of all sorts that belong to the astral realms or the realm of the archetypes, handed down to us by society, family, religion, and all that is inorganic. We projected our inner sources and 'technologies' outside ourselves and we gave our inner power away. The holographic overlays are not the Real Organic Earth, nor Gaia's natural timeline. The projections has been going on for thousands of years.

Consequently the overlays including the archetypes, also in the astral realms which are our own inorganic thought forms, are from us and we can heal them: we need to heal the programs and overlays in our own minds so that we reflect the 'new', which is the organic, outside ourselves.

If We are in Joy the Universe is.

Transcending the overlays?
We do not need to transcend the overlays: just do not feed nor fight the overlays anymore: do not live the 'old' yourself anymore... Which means: do not create a mortgage nor a 'loan' (which is no loan at all) for yourselve anymore, stand for your free existence (money) as well. Do not contract in any way, do not work in the 'overlay systems', do not pay taxes anymore (because they are illegal ánd not necessary at all: we have proven that).

And contribute to the free existence (money) of others...

This is the true I-in-We.

The 'old' will need to transform or will dissolve by 'itself' (no this will not miraculous happen by itself, we must be willing to do the effort).

You see? Transmutation is an essential change, transcending the overlays is a coping mechanism.

Truth is that Abundance simply IS and need not be created nor attracted to us. We only need to STOP robbing the natural Abundance.

Furthermore people still think that people FIRST need to solve the 'old' in themselves BEFORE they can live 'normally' together. While 'going' IS the life-experience, is the process, by which the 'old' in your mind is revealing itself to you, And nobody needs to fall back in circle-thoughts nor behavior, because the path on the 'New Earth', which is the organic one, is already walked / disclosed.

Let's integrate both your mature awareness and your Fairy Spirit.

The 'New Earth' references
The 'New Earth' references are defined by a LIVING (together) desire. You YOURSELF LIVE organic (I do), you do not burden nor tax anyone anymore... on no single layer and level: so not physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetic... ánd also not financially! You yourself do not cause any division nor duality (anymore).

The energy CREATE is from the 'New Earth'
Do you recognize that manifesting is dissolved in CREATING? Manifesting, the secret-kind of tools (law of attraction), are from the 'old'.

On the 'New Earth' we live together beyond the holographic universe. We are aligned with our natural state of being and anchored in Natural Law, not in man-made rules. We recognize and acknowledge the three aspects of Natural Law: the I am, the Living Being which is the embodiment of the Seed of Consciousness, and the Land beneath our feet. This means we also live beyond 'cause and effect' and all duality. So on the 'New Earth' live the True Immortals: we have always been, are, and will always be the eternal and the embodiment of that. We carry the seeds of the stars. We know that we have never fallen from grace, and we do not have to earn our ways back to the 'gods' and 'demigods' of the astral realms. We bring forth the essence of who we truly are.

The 'New Earth', which again is the organic one, doesn't know poverty, jealousy, distrust, divide and rule, competition, burdening and taxing each other, fear of existence. Not because those emotions are transcended, but because there is no reason for them.

On the 'New Earth' you RECEIVE the experience of abundance, equity and equality, and a deep feeling of 'being enough' of who you are already, trust, unity, inter-creation, free life flow.

On the 'New Earth' abundance is not collectively robbed from us, you experience that you are 'natural beautiful', we OFFER each other trustworthiness, and we live (together) FROM unity, without burdening nor taxing nor questioning EACH OTHER.

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