The Moment of Your Physical Death
The Real You never Born and never Died

The Real You never Born and never Died
The Real You never Born and never Died

BE in the NOW moment
Your 'lower mind' is part of the 'matrix' (and there are many overlays at the same time).

It is truly essential to let go of all the attachments: be it programs, be it people, be it desires from the flesh, be it the physical body itself. 5D(imension) or whatever -D is also part of the 'matrix'. Perceived from Oneness and Unity there is no separation in Dimensions: all -D's are here already and available for you: no need to vibrate higher, just own all your vibrations and colors (again).

Live your life to the fullest. It is very important that you only do what you love to do. You may be poor, you may go hungry, you may lose your car, you may have to move into a shabby place to live, but you will totally live. And at the end of your days you will bless your life because you have done what you came here to do. Otherwise, you will live your life as a prostitute, you will do things only for a reason, to please other people, and you will never have lived. and you will not have a pleasant death.

Physical death creates a burst of energy
That burst of energy that death creates gives you a possibility of an immediate remembering and returning to Source, remembering who you truly are which happens ONLY at these moments of 'death' like leaving the physical plane, during deep sleep, or True Total Body Orgasms (and a sudden 'Kundalini Rising', for example due to excessive meditation or provoking Kundalini energy to rise, can also lead to a 'death' experience, but this is very dangerous and it is not even real). These experiences take you so far past your limited mechanical ego based self that it is sometimes the only thing that can awaken even the darkest of lost Souls.

Your physical death is the only thing that truly and deeply awakens you and you can choose to consciously 'die' in every moment and become reborn as newer, more bright, more authentic, more loving, more present, more connected, more living embodiment of Truth and Source, or you can choose unconscious death.

Your True Heart energy has all to do with this. When you 'operate' through your Spirit you simply ARE (in your True Heart Space).

While still in this physical body 'decide' where you want to BE, how you want to BE and you will be recycled in a less controlled 'matrix', more organic one, but still in a 'matrix'.

The Moment of Your Physical Death rather the NOW Moment
I feel this is especially crucial in your moment of physical death rather the NOW moment. Do not go into the (white) light tunnel, because you will be recycled into (one of) the 'matrix' again. BE totally at peace in your True Heart Space and dare to BE in the dark void: the only thing which can be beneficial for you is holding your True Heart (Soul and Spirit) longings in your Heart in the moment of your physical death.

The instant of death is a very delicate moment. You have to prepare for this exit throughout your whole life.

When the Soul leaves the physical body the Soul chooses the route through the nadis which resonates with Its energy. If the Soul moves out through a higher energy route It will be reborn in a situation which will afford It better options for spiritual growth. The Soul can exit through any one of the energy channels / nadis. This choice of routes is offered to the Soul at the moment of Its departure. Being reborn in a situation which will afford better options for your spiritual growth is still being born within one of the 'matrix'.

It is extremely important to remain aware at the moment of exit so that you can make full use of the energy of release, this energy is generated by you yourSelf. If the Soul is relaxed It will be better able to adjust to Its new existence and also bid adieu to Its previous physical manifestation. The next birth occurs as per the mental / emotional /spiritual state of the persona at the moment of death. Your Soul is in the center of the energy spiral and your new life is being formed around you. Thus participating in this energy game without fear and with full confidence and awareness is essential.

When the body dies the Soul moves out of the body very systematically, it is a natural process. During your physical death the chakra and nadi system / electrical energy-vortices and channels of the body are permanently blasted open. The energy of the blast, powers the permanent transition of the Real You to the Aether aka Astral Realm. There are many Astral Realms and they also are from the 'matrix'. Realize that all your total body parts (including the energetic ones) fall back and merge into the elements they derived from: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Aether.

Aether the 5th Element
Aether the 5th Element

And the True You can also decide to go Home (again) and not be recycled into (one of) the 'matrix' again.

When a Soul is ready to leave the body the Soul intelligently chooses what s/he wants to resolve in her/his next life. Thus the imprint of the new next life is registered. The Soul chooses from the several possibilities of the Aethereal aka Astral energies. A stable emotional and mental environment at this critical moment allows a better choice. Thus spiritual aspirants, Yogis and Sadhus often leave their bodies when in meditation. During meditation the mind is stable thus the new rebirth is the best possible option.

If the meditation is absolute the Soul attains Moksha.
Moksha is a 'state of BEing' beyond the cycle of death and rebirth (Samsara). Moksha means that the Soul has experienced everything that is possible to be experienced including its own True Reality. It is the final understanding of the complete Universe(s).

Know ThySelf.

mascha roedelof
Deze inspiratie mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding
(Geschreven op 1 maart 2019 en opnieuw in 2020 opgenomen vanwege actualiteit)
mas©ha 2020

The energy is 'up' people: this old game is over and it is a choice to breath it all in again (implode) and go Home eventually. Another 26.000 yrs cycle? I feel we can even go beyond that and go truly Home (Moksha) beyond the cycle of death and rebirth (Samsara). Moksha means that the Soul has experienced everything that is possible to be experienced including its own True Reality. It is the final understanding of the complete Universe.
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