Life GIVING Energy

Life Flowing Freely without any interference
Life Flowing Freely without any interference

The Divine Feminine ENERGY in both wombman and man knows that LIFE doesn't cost anything
This is not about wombman nor about man: this is about people!

Existence itself (being alive physically) is the most certain economical factor. There is no economical issue, never was, and never will be: our free existence money SHOULD! be provided to ALL of us... This costs nothing! ALL people (no divisions whatsoever) SHOULD! receive enough money numbers to be physically alive THEMSELVES. This money is economical backed up because it flows to the baker, etc.

Not providing the money numbers IS the cause of ALL poverty (and other collective problems).

Life is a GIFT and SHE is gifted via the Divine Feminine ENERGY (in both wombman and man). Mother Nature includes ALL SHE never ever divides what is DIVINE (energy so instead of Feminine energy you can read LIFEGIVING ENERGY) nor creates inequality.

The Gift is IN the Awareness that We Welcome Each Other in our Midst In our Normal Living Together on Earth.

This is not about wombman nor about man: this is about people!
This is also not about CREATING abundance because that is simply superficial 'The Law of Attraction' non-sense and throwing people back unto themselves: abundance IS but SHE is in a robbed state... Like Earth IS but in a robbed state as well...

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