The Organic Earth
Column written in 2010 in Dutch 'De Organische Aarde' and because this is of course still true today I repost it here translated into English
De Organische Aarde in het Nederlands

The Organic Earth
The Organic Earth, a living together where you can completely Be yourSelf, where aware wise women and men live together in Freedom and Harmony with each other, beyond the female-male division and separation (within yourself) and all its entanglements and masks.

A place where Heaven fertilizes the Earth by which new creative life comes into existence, every moment again. This is the power and essence of Sexuality. The essence of Sexual Energy will increasingly come back into our memories. We go more and more feel through the essence of Energetic Sexuality also known as Supra Sex (no, not super sex).

If Mankind integrates this BeingAware, then all the confusion and entanglement is left behind, dissolved. We have a challenging growthPath ahead of us.

When you are ready to embed the Transition and co-create the 'Organic Earth' you can contribute to the free existence of your fellow man.

mascha roedelof
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