From child consciousness to adult consciousness - '2012'
this column I wrote on 10-22th-2010 and because this is of course still true today I repost it here translated into English
Van kindbewustzijn naar volwassenbewustzijn - '2012' in het Nederlands

Evolution from child consciousness to adult consciousness - '2012'
To me it feels that the challenge for humanity at this time is to evolve (which is a natural process) from child consciousness to adult consciousness. From adult consciousness there is no emotional charge (fear, sadness, anger, etc.) to drama in the past. Not that there are no triggers anymore to come from that drama, but because it is seen and lived through, no automatic reaction will be the response anymore. Because the emotional charge to the drama in the past has been resolved, there neither is drama (fear) to the future. You are NOW. In the NOW there are no predictions. You just go your path and let happen what you want to let happen, along with those that also wish it the same.

Adult Consciousness
The adult consciousness has no more resonance with the Akashic chronicles. So from adult consciousness you are Free: Freedom. Free of soul contracts etc. You are completely free in making connections with whom and what you choose from within. Nothing hinders you anymore. Nothing is stopping you. And you also donít let yourself stop from within. You are completely 'coincided' with yourSelf (in different cultures and movements you find this back in: 2fold thinking; twin soul thinking (Twin Soul), double spiral, holy grail, Higher Self; lemniscair thinking; communicating vessels: duality).

'2012' is an individual awareness process. The ones who Live from adult consciousness, in them '2012' is manifested. These people live in the Now, have no more past and the future is in no way to be seen anymore. That is what I feel that the Maya predicted and it is this prediction that is explained incorrect entirely.

The earth does not cease to exist. Yes the old earth will cease to exist. And the New Earth is here Already. It is 'just' one step: from 3D to 5D as to speak from a term from the world of 'spirituality'. Both 4D and 5D are already here though, really. And 6D, etc. it is also all available. Everything is Already here and that what you create depends on your Being aware. 1D and 2D are also available to us. Here we can make contact with the elementals. We say we go from 3D to 4D and 'higher'. To me that is a wrong approach. We expand our consciousness, our awareness and thereby gain 'access to' experiencing multiple dimensions (the story of the separate dimensions is from the 'old earth': on the New Earth we do not know any false separations and ALL is simply here, available, and accessible in our 'awareness'). There is no lower or higher: Everything IS...

New Earth
Those in whom '2012' is manifested, take in naturally a new 'position' on the New Earth. There will be new technological discoveries, new features will arise, new (far more sophisticated (as in: profound)) treatment methods, new ways of living together, new freely available means of exchange from Existence Money and the Existence Economy, new forms of relationships, etc.

And this is ALREADY visible, just look on my website for my offerings to you: and this from the NEW references of the New Earth.

What do you pass on to the Next Generations?
This is true for '2015' - '2017' etc. too. There is NO waiting anymore.

Adult Consciousness, Inner Source Creation Power
Adult Consciousness, Inner Source Creation Power

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Flowing and Ownership
Flowing with the flow... Flowing is the non reasoning of our thoughts and experiences. Not letting yourself be guided by time and time pressure, but go along with the flow. Let yourself you be guided by synchronicities that you are provided with and that you are allowed to follow. Flowing (surrender) invites you to actively go along with changes, but without having endlessly to find and need an explanation for what is and is coming. Let be what is while being Present in the NOW provides an expansion of consciousness (see my note about adult consciousness). How would the world be like if we let go of our verbal communication? Probably initially a mess, because our mind would have many problems with that. After that we would find out that we are still in contact with each other, even if there are no words anymore.

The loss of words would invite us to take action. Because we would no longer be able to hide behind words, but will look for other forms of expression to express who we Are and what we Want (Want from within, the Wanting from our Higher Self /Twin Soul). Action by Aware Presence. Action by taking Self ownership for your Life. Action by listening to what you know and feel inside. Action by being open to the synchronicity that takes place in your Life and acting aware upon it.
Adult Consciousness = Individual consciousness with a deep sense of I-in-We. Adult Consciousness lets jointly happen what wants to happen. Not as if we are all the same, on the contrary; in the many colors everyone can Be what and who he is in Essence. Bringing the own unique colors to the outside world. In the deep realization that we are all connected.

We Are All Connected...

In this article I am talking about Psychosis. From my observation, and people experiencing Psychosis can feel in themselves if this resonates, have people who experience Psychosis come across with heavy trauma on a young age. Not only once, but twice (or even more). Because of this trauma's there was an impact in the brain: first time for example left brain, second time the other half or visa versa... This causes a conflict, a so called constellation in the brains: and this is played out during the Psychosis. When you solve the impact of the trauma's you heal yourself. From my observation the trauma frequently has to do with sexual abuse (again feel for yourself if this could be true for you).

Another cause can be that the one is not grounded, not centered while doing heavy meditation or working with 'kundalini yoga' (which I certainly do not recommend) or other kinds of energy work without grounding: this could make your energy field 'fan out', or you could experience kind of 'out body' situation: could feel like you miss a 'layer' in your protection field which causes an openness and vulnerability for all your senses by which you can receive an overdose of 'information' 'pictures' 'voices' 'kind of feeling magic thinking'.

It also can be that your energy system is not in balance being too cold or too warm: acupuncture and/or herbs can help with this (in Dutch).

Grounding and centering helps, breathing too, eating some 'earthy foods' or other foods (or leave out foods that make you 'cold') (in Dutch) like nuts could be of help also, being in nature, close down information stream by putting of your computer and being alone could be of help too.

And healing the trauma is needed: via grounding and centering (in Dutch), vitality massage including total body consciousness (in Dutch), German New Medicine or Vicky's View or 'inner child work'.

This is not a 'medical' advise: I am not a doctor. But I have my observations. And studied German New Medicine and other natural healing tools.

And the deepest level of healing on Earth is our restored normal living togetherness, which is the natural living on Earth.
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