Real Wombman and Man

Life GIVING energies in both Wombman and Man
Life GIVING energies in both Wombman and Man

STOP tooling wombman and children
Wombman and children are not in need of empowerment, they are in need of embedding.

Wombman already are empowered (children are too), they do not have low self-esteem at all, they exactly know who they ARE.

But FACT is that they are not embedded by which I mean that they are not freed from the corrupt financial system (man also not but they are not tooled: yes too but in another manner).

Wombman and children, who are the next generation, are NOT here to save the world, so please STOP canalizing their life force energy and their essence.

Do not throw them back unto themselves when they are experiencing (financial) issues which are caused by the current corrupted burdening (banking) systems.

BE the change YOURSELF, BE the movement yourself, LIVE the 'new' yourself.

Meanwhile STAND FOR THE FREE EXISTENCE (MONEY) of HUMANITY as a whole without any division and tooling.


The sacred femininity is in both wombman and man
Do not get confused by 'woman' like Madonna and the 'woman' playing in the 'woman's march' in the US... 'woman' dressed up with vulvas on their head are not sacred woman at all...: they are being used as a tool in the political arena... The vulva is the most sacred entrance to the chamber of mystery, the womb, so please think about this or rather FEEL into this... their energy was being harvested by ill intent. Please do not buy into that man-made game which was initiated by a 'woman' by the way.

Real wombman and man have emerged both their sacred femininity and sacred masculinity like we experience with Mother Nature.

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masęha 2018

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